My name is Vladimír Štill and I am a lecturer at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. I work on a variety of courses mainly on programming (C++, Python, Haskell, …) and also in formal languages and theory of programming. Furthermore, I maintain an evaluation engine for programming courses, hsExprTest.

Before my position as a lecturer I did my Ph.D. on the topic of program analysis, more specifically analysis of parallel programs written in C and C++. This work included research of new analysis techniques and their implementation in the DIVINE model checker. My most important contribution is adding support for discovery of bugs caused by relaxed memory behaviour (published as Model Checking of C++ Programs Under the x86-TSO Memory Model) and for detection of local nontermination in parallel programs (published as Local Nontermination Detection for Parallel C++ Programs). You can see more of my publications of the publications’ page. You can also see my Ph.D. thesis on the corresponding page.

My hobbies include programming (mostly in C++, Python, Perl, and Haskell), walking, photography of nature, and organizing games with my friends from Nordic Animals Association(CZ).


My Projects